About Me

I create online digital experiences that focus on strategy, user experience and design. Through storytelling and branding, I help clients connect with their audience.

Over the years, I have worked on a wide range of projects including websites, e-learning, e-commerce , branding guidelines, promotional videos, and advertising campaigns.

Connect with me here if you are interested in learning more about me or would like to inquire about working together.


UX Design Process

The process of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the user and the product


The Strategy phase is important as it will shape the goals of the project. Meetings with stakeholders is essential for determining business needs, requirements and product expectations.  Aligning the business goals with the goals of the end user.


The Research phase is where we create the key to the project. Through user research and competitive analysis we define user personas and target markets.

Information Architecture

The IA phase is a collaborative phase. This is where we gain feedback on ideas and test prototypes. These ideas can come in different forms such as, sketches, sitemap, wireframes and user flows.


Design is the most exciting. In the phase we see everything come to life. This is where we include the graphic identity, branding and visual details. Using mood boards we create a look and feel.  All low fidelity designs are converted to high fidelity designs, allowing for stakeholder reveiws and user testing.


The Testing phase is about feedback that helps ensure the product is meeting the stakeholder and user needs. Throughout the entire project lifecycle, we are always testing. Putting ideas in front of the user, getting feedback, refining them and making sure all requirements are met.


  • I have 15 years experience creating user experiences
  • I live in Toronto. Born and raised
  • I lived in British Columbia. Whistler and Vancouver to be exact
  • I like exploring other places. Brazil was the best
  • Favourite sports: Snowboarding and Kiteboarding
  • I am a father of two.